Rehoboth Beach, DE Water Damage Restoration

“Perhaps the most common home challenge is the dreaded “water damage”. Whether it is from a leaky roof, broken pipes, incorrect drainage, condensation problems or failing caulk, it spells trouble. By the time that the signs become evident you can be sure that you are looking at only the beginning of the problem that will be to follow. Once you begin looking deeper you may find more trouble waiting behind your walls that could include ruined dry wall, rotten wood, electrical hazards, dangerous mold, and structural compromise.

You can’t ignore the problem without it getting much worse. If you have seen the signs such as water stains on your ceilings, walls, erosion or even standing water it is time for action. You need to call in a certified professional that can identify the source of your problem and begin to fix it right away.

At Coastal Custom Painting we are fully licensed and insured to determine the source of your water damage and properly restore your home to it full glory. On this page you will see an example of a home that showed slight water marks in the dining room below the bay window. In this case the shingles were installed incorrectly. Necessary flashing that would have protected the stone-facing on the front of the house had not been installed by the roofer when the house was built. Water soaked through the stone-face and penetrating the plywood, studs, insulation, dry wall and flooring. Everything needed to be replaced!

On the exterior of the house we had to correct the initial problem by installing new flashing as necessary, replacing the surrounding roof shingles, we needed to remove the bay window and replace all of the surrounding wood, insulation, stone face and masonry. The final phase is a meticulous clean-up job. As a company we only want to provide wonderful work throughout the process. The end result is a beautifully restored dining room inside and out that the customer will enjoy for many years to come.”